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Zhangjiajie Baofeng Lake Company is Preparing for another Declaration

In November, 2011, the State Administration of Industry and Commerce identified Yellow Dragon Cave (Wulingyuan) with the first “famous tourist brand of China”. Luckily, the second “famous tourist brand of China” may continue to settle down in Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie.

A few days ago, the application materials offered by Baofeng Lake has managed to passing the examine and verify of Hunan Industrial and Commercial Bureau and is planned to recommend to the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

The trademark of Baofeng Lake was applied for registration by Baofeng Lake Company in August, 2001. In the past 12 years, Baofeng Lake Company has been persisting in boosting this trademark and paying special attention to the infrastructure construction.

Translated by Becky