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Bamboo Rafting on the Yulong River

Yulong River is the longest branch of Li River in Yangshuo County with 43.5km in length, covering an area of 158.47 square km. It flows through Jinbao, Putao, Baisha, Yangshuo, Gaotian and more than 20 villages. It is regarded as little Li River as the landscape along Yulong River is as beautiful as that of Li River

The bamboo rafting on Yulong River is arranged between Yulong Bridge in Baisha town and Gongnong Bridge outside Yangshuo downtown. There are 28 barrages on the river. You will find everything natural and original and feel that you are far from the city crowds when you are on the bamboo raft. While you are rafting on the river, it seems that you are in a landscape painting. Bamboo rafting could make you feel a sense of infinite peace.

Bamboo Rafting on the Yulong River

Rafting along Yulong River, you will not only see the essence of the beautiful natural view, you could also find ancient villages, various old stone bridges as well as quaint watermill. Therefore, some experts think Yulong River is the superb natural heritage in the world.

What to See along Yulong River?

The main scenic spots on Yulong River are Yulong Bridge, Xiangui Bridge, Fuli Bridge , Ruins of Guiyi County ( since Tang Dynasty). The section from Jinlong Bridge to Jiuxian village is the most beautiful part. Fuli Bridge was built in Ming Dynasty, with a history of more than 500 years. It is one of the Three Most Beautiful Ancient Bridges in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The other two are Yulong Bridge and Xiangui Bridge, who are also on Yulong River. Fuli Bridge has a nice shape. The reflection on the river looks like a full moon.

Bamboo Rafting on the Yulong River

Routes of Yulong River Bamboo Rafting

Full rafting route: Jinlong Bridge-Qifeng Hill-Tianzuo Village-Yulong Bridge -Xiangui Bridge—Jiuxian-Xinglong Village, Xiatang Village-Chaoyang Pier-Gongnong Bridge (12km, Duration: 4-5 hours)

Upstream Route: Jinlong Bridge-Jiuxian or Jinlong Bridge-Jiuxian-Xinglong Village-Xiatang Village (around 2 hours and to be recommended)

Downstream Route: Chaoyang Pier-Gongnong Bridge (1.5-2 hours)

Notice for Yulong River Bamboo Rafting

1. The best time for rafting on Yulong River is from April to October.
2. Simple and easy-to-dry clothing will be better if you take bamboo rafting. TCT recommends you to bring a set of spare clothes with you and a pair of plastic sleeper.
3. Do not bring valuable things with you while you are rafting. Suggest you protect your cell phone, camera and other electronic products by plastic bags.
4. Prepare your own drinking water and snacks in advance
5. Every tourist is requested to wear life jacket.
6. Do not play slapstick and splashing while you are rafting on the river for safety.
7. Sunblock is necessary in sunny day. Hot drinks will be helpful for you to avoid catching a cold, such as hot ginger decoction used in China.

Landscapes of Yulong River


Yangshuo-Jinlong Bridge:
1. Take bus from Yangshuo bus station to Jinbao, ask for a stop at Jinlong Bridge.
2. Rent a bike and ride from Yangshuo to Jinlong Bridge ( 1.5 hours along the highway)

Yangshuo-Chaoyang Pier (6 km)
1. Rent a bicycle in Yangshuo and ride for 30 minutes to Chaoyang Pier.
2. Rent a car or taxi

Map of Yulong River Bamboo Rafting