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76 Shops Moving into New Stores on the Business Street of Huanglong Cave

On April 25, the party members from Hekou village, Suoxi town, in Wulingyuan area, voluntarily stood in a queue as a relay team to carry goods for the shop owners, for the sake of merchants opening business as early as possible. Mr. Mao, one of the shop owners, said emotionally,”I have moved out of the previous store, which means I get rid of exposing myself to the sun and rain at last. I am really thankful for our party and government.” Other shop owners at present were brimming with a happy smile on their faces.

On October 5,11:00 pm., a big fire took place, which was caused by careless manage of individual. As a consequence, 76 stores burned to ashes with a direct economic loss of over 1 millon RMB.

After the incidence occurred, Wulingyuan district party committee, district government and Suoxi town party committee government raised a fund of 760 thousand RMB in a short time and built 76 stores that are rich in Xiangxi enthnic characteristic on previous site within 5 months, based on the principle of pepole’s interest above everything. What’s more, they also appropriated 25000 RMB to victims, encouraging them to move into the new stores and open business as soon as possible.

Translated by Emma