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2013 Zhangjiajie Photography Competition“Legendary Tianmen Mount”

In order to discover the indescribable beauty of Tianmen Mount, Zhangjiajie, China, the “Legendary Tianmen Mount” Photography Competition 2013 launched by Zhangjiajie Literature and Arts Association, Tianmen Mount Tourism Limited Company and other relevant departments.

As long as you pick up a camera you are the best photographer, as long as you are heartfelt you can find wherever in Tianmen Mount is a legend.

Item one: Qualification and themes of photographic works

1. Qualification: all the travelers are welcomed

2. Themes of photographic works:

Themes of photographic works are classified as documentary and arts. Documentary can include facilities, landscapes, trees and flowers etc, which can reflect Chinese features and spirits of times of Tianmen Mount and Fox Fairy. Arts can include any positive, sweet and exciting moments of all kinds of characters in all kinds of activities occurred in Tianmen Mount and Fox Fairy. Photographic works not only emphasize visual beauty and feelings towards the themes, but also the inner meaning.

Item two: Requirement of works

Photographic works of documentary are not allowed to be processed except the simple adjust of color and contrast, but the arts category is allowed.

The size of photos taken by digital cameras should be no more than 500K.

Photographic works should be taken in Tianmen Mount, Zhangjiajie.

The submission deadline is 11th October, 2013.

Item three: Prize and award

Awarding grades are classified as first prize, second prize and third prize and honorable mention in the documentary and arts. The highest award is 10,000 RMB.

More detail you can click the official website:tianmenshan.com.cn

By Aileen

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