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Zhouhui Prized the New “Zhangjiajie Charming of Xiangxi” Performance

On March 14th, “Zhangjiajie Charming of Xiangxi” Performance won the appreciation of Zhouhui who is the national level actors.

Zhou Hui believed that “Zhangjiajie Charming of Xiangxi” Performance impressed him with three aspects. Firstly, the rich ethnic customs. From the performance hall chairs, tujia building and all kinds of decoration, to the stage sets, costumes, it all showed national wind,and let people be intoxicated. Secondly, the characteristic of song and dance show. The mysterious xiangxi corpse, humorous crying marriage of folk songs were all attractive and very local characteristics; Finally, a superb actor. Zhou Hui said the entire performance team is very professional,with superb techniques.

Translated by Sophia