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Zhangjiajie’s Seventh University Students Tour Guide Talent Contest Closed

On June 4th, the final battle of Zhangjiajie’s seventh university students tour guide talent contest makes a perfect end in Weigang Cross Street. After fierce competition, Ning yiyou, a student from institute of tourism and management engineering of Jishou University, wins the first prize with her excellent explanation and outstanding comprehensive performance.

The contest, started on April 17th, receives 124 contestants from Zhangjiajie’s universities. Ning yiyou and Ying yanan and other nine students standing out from 124 competitors, enter into the final battle. These contestants vividly display the youthful vigorousness and good images, especially their wonderful talents shows, such as some of professional popular songs, Dai dance with national customs and touching elocntes, which arose blast of applauses.

The contest is aimed to meet the uprising of travel on the net, the diversities of tourism means, the development of China’s tourism. At the same time, it can enrich campus life, display college students’s talents, enhance their tourism knowledge skills and expand a new filed of version for tourism culture. Last but not least, it providers a platform to display themselves and selects elites for tourism industry, which can pave road for tourism’s development.

Translated by Crystal