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Zhangjiajie Xibu Street Biding For A National 4A Tourist Scenic Spot

An official, in charge of the tourist administration for Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic area, reveals that Xibu Street is initiating to bid for a national 4A tourist scenic spot on an all round way and is aimed to build into the biggest comprehensive tourist spot of Huan Province combined with sightseeing, entertainment, shopping and catering. According to the report,Zhangjiajie Xibu Street is about to upgrade the whole block on a large scale from block circumstance, folk custom performances, cultural sights, productm mix,etc.

Last year, under the guidance of three level tourist departments,namely province,city and district, and in line with the evaluation standard of national 3A tourist area, Zhangjiajie Xibu Street restructured hard and software facilities of the whole block and finally succeeded in crowning the national 3A tourist area after comprehensive assessment from tourist department of Huan province.It is reported that from this year,Zhangjiajie Xibu Street will spend five years on constructing loving wall and Xiu Qiou stand( an ancient activity to select bridegroom by throwing a ball made of silk strips), displaying the Xilan Square for Tujia blind date and love and remodeling water wheel square of production, life and farming culture by the Xiangxi ancestors and so on.All these activities increase the participation, interaction of tourists and activate the travel atmosphere of the block.

We are looking forward to seeing a most original, most natural and most harmonious scenic spot unfolding before us.

Translated by Crystal