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Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area Uses New Energy Gas Bus

On March 27th, Zhangjiajie wulingyuan scenic area uses new energy car – LNG gas car. As we have learned, wulingyuan has become the first one to adopt new energy gas car in hunan province to carry tourists, also has become the first mountain type scenic spot to adopt new energy gas car.

Zhangjiajie investes 50 LNG gas cars, with a total cost of 21 million yuan, mainly in wulingyuan scenic spot sign door, tianshan mountain cableway station, ten-miles galleries, water around the four door, dragon ladder, etc. Compared with the original running car, LNG gas cars have cut down harmful emissions, improve the comfort of passengers, lower the fuel consumption by 25%, and reduce noise by around 40%. Promoting the use of this vehicle, it not only can reduce the operation cost, atmospheric pollution, but also improve environmental quality, even to protect the ecological environment of wulingyuan natural heritage.

The responsible person of the passenger transport company in zhangjiajie scenic says, with the input of 50 LNG gas cars, in the future, they will be partial to replace current fuel bus, thus realizing a complete gas car coverage in the core scenic spot.

Translated by Sophia