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Zhangjiajie will restore the original tickets price

On March 1st, the major world natural heritage site Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic spot will restore the original price. According to incomplete statistics, during the three months of winter welfare period, about 2.32 million Chinese and foreign tourists come into Wulingyuan to admire the snow, folklore, catch years and other series of activities, enjoying the pleasure of tour in winter.

Last December solstice this year on February 28th, Zhangjiajie has ten big winter tourism culture theme activities, and a series of preferential policies. Wulingyuan scenic area ticket discount rate is about 44.5%, other 20% discount. A variety of winter tourism theme activities and welfare policy attract tourists around the world.
Wulingyuan will carry out a series of theme activities. And in a specific period of time, it will also introduce appropriate welfare policy.