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“Zhangjiajie Version of Jiangnan Style” behind-the-scenes story

Recently, in the red network, zhangjiajie version of jiangnan style has great favor. WuLingYuan tourism bureau deputy director Mao Jianjian at sina travel summit 2013 gold footprint, to tell “zhangjiajie version of jiangnan style” behind the scenes.

Zhangjiajie, in 30 years, developed into a well-known tourist destination at home and abroad, the zhangjiajie people hard work are inseparable. The production of “zhangjiajie edition of jiangnan style” comes from accident inspiration. From all the local actors to the photographers, the very important role is made by own preparation.

Zhangjiajie edition of the jiangnan style from the creative making to filming, production release is about 20 days, costs about 150000 dollars, but creating a fine tourism propaganda.

Translated by Sophia