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Zhangjiajie Tour For “Ecological Oxygen Bar”

Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic area has the theme of “green”, “low carbon” and “sustainable development”, with the “Zhangjiajie landform”, successfully and strongly describes the “ecological forest oxygen bar” at home and abroad. It attracts countless Chinese and foreign visitors to come in a throng “natural oxygen bar tour experience”.

According to statistics, the beginning of spring, Wulingyuan has the reception of foreign visitors over 100000 people, year-on-year growth of double. At the same time, Baofeng lake,HuanglongCaveand other scenics are also around the “environmental protection, ecological protection” issue, in the spring, launching “a paradise to enjoy the folk customs”, ” beauty products exhibition on ecological square” and a series of ecological tourism products, thus catching the tourist favor.

Wulingyuan will also continue to enrich the connotation of ecological forest oxygen bar tour, this year. And they will strengthen cooperation with the relevant scientific research departments, strengthen the monitoring of forest of negative oxygen ions, and gradually establish a scenic spots of negative oxygen ion content broadcast mechanism, making a “ecological forest oxygen bar” for Wulingyuan. Then wulingyuan will have a piece of a gilded signboard.

Translated by Sophia