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Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain looks like a Fairyland

On May Day Holiday, Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain opens a splendid mountain and flower pattern to welcome visitors. Forest oxygen bar, cliff plank road, volley soared ropeway in Tianmen Mountain, each frame style can provide tourists with different surprise. Asia wing outfit flight first person – Shupeng Zhang, during the May Day, also lets many visitors feel surprise.

During the May Day,Tianmen Mountain scenic spot also combines navigation in cheung Hunan general aviation co., LTD to launch a special tour “AC311 helicopter aerial tour in Tianmen Mountain”. Tianmen mountain gate as a starting point, with the helicopter will fly around 11 scenic spots. It not only can be more intuitive to feel Tianmen mountain towering spectacular, can also enjoy the miracle of the adventure of the hanging wall plank road.

In response to the travel peak, Tianmen Mountain prepares the counter measures in advance to ensure the safe and orderly

Translated by Sophia