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Zhangjiajie three 3A Level Scenic Areas Teamed up to Build Tourism Shopping Paradise

On March 31st, Junsheng academy hall referred to the “sand painting art palace” officially moved into xibu street of zhangjiajie. So far, including xibu street, zhangjiajie giant salamander science and technology museum, three 3A-class tourist scenic spots in the xibu street was to create tourist shopping paradise.

In recent years, Junsheng academy hall with the characteristic of zhangjiajie humanities and landscape enjoys high reputation both at home and abroad. In 2011, Junsheng academy approved by the national 3A scenic spot, became a beautiful scene image of zhangjiajie tourism. The junsheng academy has set in xibu street. After that, it will take full advantage of xibu street, expand the market brand, marketing combination between scenic spot and the market complement.

Translated by Sophia