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Zhangjiajie scenery paintings made their debut at French Stamps

On January 10, China national senior artists, Zhangjiajie well-known artist Jian-hua Sun showed a few French stamp in WeChat, attracting many micro thumb up. Originally, this a few stamps content was composed by Zhangjiajie natural humanities landscape Jian-hua Sun. It is understood that this still belongs to the first Zhangjiajie scenery in French stamps.

Jian-hua Sun introduced on the phone, He just received French stamps autograph album. The French stamps issued in 2016, a total of six excellent paintings in recent years, including four themes of Zhangjiajie, 2 pieces of Tibetan culture. It showed wulingyuan world rare natural scenery and the unique folk culture. Jian-hua Sun also revealed that his paintings in 2016 also on the stamp, and he would soon receive related stamps autograph album.

Jian-hua Sun, born in 1962 in Zhangjiajie, is famous for its good at painting and photography. Creative art photography has been included in the national primary and secondary school textbooks and the national library, stamps. Jian-hua Sun paintings in France, the United States, make an important contribution on promoting beautiful landscape.

Translated by Sophia