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Zhangjiajie Refueling 2013 Russia’s “Chinese Tourism Year”

On March 30th, a group of thirty Russian tourists went into Zhangjiajie State Guest Hotel, which was warmly welcomed by the hotel. As the openning of 2013 “Chinese tourism year” in Russia, zhangjiajie would usher in a large number of Russian tourists, and only Zhangjiajie State Guest Hotel would receive 1000 Russian visitors.

Russia is one of international tourist source markets of zhangjiajie in recent years. In 1999, zhangjiajie “through tianmen mountain” activity, zhangjiajie has begun to come into the mind of the Russian allergies. In 2006, zhangjiajie has successfully hosted Russia’s stunt flying play, it has greatly improved the visibility and reputation of zhangjiajie in Russia. Especially this year, it is the Russian tourism year in China, the first President Xi jinping visited Russia, presented a chinese album to Russian President vladimir putin, the album page was zhangjiajie scenery.

Translated by Sophia