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Zhangjiajie “Protect Birds” Activities are Open

Zhangjiajie is famous for its beautiful environment. The forest coverage rate reaches to 69.62%, the first place in the province. The good ecological environment has provided a broad space for all kinds of birds. The city exists 128 kinds of birds, accounts for 8.8% of bird species. And many rare birds, such as white neck long tail pheasants, golden eagles are distributed in our city. According to introduction, the 2013 zhangjiajie “love for birds” activity makes the theme of “beautiful zhangjiajie, let the bird fly”, strengthens the ecological moral education of minors as the key point, combines with the public attention of the balance of birds, wildlife protection, and to carry out the campaign for the protection of natural ecology, improving the consciousness of the whole society to protect birds.

Translated by Sophia