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Zhangjiajie Officially Launching Century Environmental Protection Activities in 2013

On the afternoon of May 28, the century environmental protection activities in 2013 officially started with a theme of relieving and improving air pollution to breath fresh air. Deng dayuan, Zhangjiajie National People’s Congress standing committee of the party member, and Gong minghan, deputy mayor attended the launching ceremony.

It is said that this activity is hosted by the committees of launching Century Environmental protection Activities. On behalf of deputy to the People’s Congress,they will pay a visit to  some companys that polluted air seriously and relieve air pollution to build a model city for environmental protection. Besides, they will make a current  report on the world natural heritage protection of Wulingyuan, supervising and monitoring its environment-friendly project.

In the wake of the launching ceremony, under the guidance of Deng dayuan and Gong minghan, the members of the century environmental protection activities and a few deputy to the People’s Congress came to Yongding area in the form of hearing report, reading material, on-site inspection and visiting the masses. It is no doubt that all those measures can do good to build a environment-friendly city, a city with fresh air and little pollution.

By Emma