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Zhangjiajie Landform’s Geo-park Museum Will Open for Free On National Day

News sourced from Wulingyuan scenic zones administration, Zhangjiajie that the world’s first geo-park museum of Zhangjiajie landform will open for the public for free on October 1st the National Day.

Administration states that the museum with the main features of Zhangjiajie landform will display more than 20,000 pieces of articles. They are samples of rare animals ,plants, microorganism, fossils of ancient organism and minerals, as well as some valuable written materials of Tujia histories. Meanwhile, the museum will divided into ancient organism hall, flora and fauna hall, comprehensive hall,5D film hall and historical people introduction hall. Over 3000 pieces of articles can be displayed in museum since the opening day.

By report. colleting natural and biological samples which related to Zhangjiajie landform is the major function and purpose for this geo-park museum. Further, it facilitates the science study and talents cultivation to show its values in research, education and academy.Last but not least, open to the public for free promote the spread of natural science knowledge and historical cultures in wide range.Therefore, an increasing number of people will be familiar with Zhangjiajie landform.

At present, this geo-park museum is under construction and will be wholly open to the public on this National Day.

By Aileen