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Zhangjiajie Huangshi village shows “Tortoise contains Sun” wonder

In June on a clear day, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic spot is a best place for travel photography fans to come out to admire the view. In Huangshi village scenic area, a rare strange landscape shows up.

At the entrance to the back of Huangshi village mountain, there is a beautiful scenic spot, a natural stones has been shaped like a tortoise. Only at the beginning of June every year, the weather is sunny, cloudless sunset the sun slowly along the path into mouth “Beetle”, which will present a “Tortoise contains sun” wonder.

The beetle rock in a fog day looks like a tortoise carrying the heavy shell. Step by step, it crawls into the boundless sea fog, then people also can see the “Sea of mist beetle” landscape.

Translated by Sophia