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Zhangjiajie Hosting Enviromental Propaganda in Honor of World Environment Day

On June 5th, Zhangjiajie launched a ceremony at Zhangjiajie People’s Square In honor of World Environment Day. This activity was hosted by Municipal Political Consultative Conference, Municipal Construction Bureau, Municipal Environmental Protection Agency and Zhangjiajie Shouchuang Water Affairs Limited Company.

This year,China defined the theme of World Environment Day as “breathing together, struggle together”, aiming at liberating and delivering the concept of beautiful China shared by everyone and responsible by everyone. In addition,China also advocated every citizen under the sky to protect ecological environment, disciplining them to begin from themselves, from doing petty things. What’s more, they required every citizen to respect and observe nature, increasing their awareness of thrift as well as environmental and ecological protection. This activity displayed a lot of posters on environmental protection and resources-saving, attracting many citizens’ attention. They signed their name one after another, building a favorable ecological civilization construction atmosphere for the society.

By Emma