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“Zhangjiajie Geomorphy” Giving Charm For Guiyang Travel Fair

On April 20th, the 2013 China Guiyang Travel Fair opens to the public and among thousands of booths, the booth for Zhangjiajie is teemed with sight-seers.

People from different places of Guiyang are keeping flocking into Travel Fair of Guiyang International Fair Center. An old couple, stepping in front of Zhangjiajie display area, excitedly talk their travel experience in Zhangjiajie with the sales staffs from Zhangjiajie.

A duo, a singer from Xiangxi , dressed in ethnic minority costumes, ardently sings a song, which excites the exhibition hall and draws many citizens.“Zhangjiajie not only has beautiful scenery, but also has beautiful costumes and inviting songs”,says a lady from Zunyi,and eager to take photos with A duo.

In this travel fair, Zhangjiajie presents plentiful tourism products in terms of catering, accommodation,entertainment,shopping and traveling,etc, featured with tourism brand “Happy Huan, Charming Zhangjiajie”.It also sets up several best tour lines, such as Zhangjiajie natural journey, cultural tour,health and leisure trip and so on, meeting tourists’ different demands.

It is reported that this fair consists of five exhibition halls with 2,131 booths, covering a area of 41,538 square meters.Nearly 1,500 exhibitors related with tourism industry, such as travel agencies,beauty spots,hotel and media, gather in Guiyang.

Translated by Crystal