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Zhangjiajie Exhibition Association was Established

Recently, Zhangjiajie welcomed a good news. That is, the foundation of Zhangjiajie Exhibition Association, with Zhang Yuanci holding the post of counselor. Meanwhile, Chen Mingyi was elected chairperson, and Xiong Dingkun, Zhu Kaijiu and He Jiuzhou the vice chairperson, Rao Jinyu general secretary.

Zhangjiajie Exhibition Association got the authorization of Zhangjiajie Civil Affair Beareau, and was guided by Municipal Commercial Affair Bureau as well as Convention and Exhibition Office. The first session has 30 members in total.

The establishment of Zhangjiajie Exhibition Association is a landmark in the process of developing Zhangjiajie exhibition industry. As a rising sun industry in 21 century, exhibition is a comprehensive industry that can drives the rapid development of economy. In 2012, Zhangjiajie exhibition accelerated 1.8-billion-yuan urban consumption, increasing 37 percent compared with 2011.

Concentrating on promoting exhibition development, Zhangjiajie Exhibition Association will make great efforts in performing mainly four functions: offering service, conducting coordination, insisting self-discipline and safeguarding legal rights, fully exerting the effects of a bridge and adviser.

Translated by Becky