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Zhangjiajie Dragon Ladder Has Quality Improvement

On April 21st, With the reputation of “The world’s first ladder” Zhangjiajie dragon ladder realizes the quality improvement efficiency.

With the 326 meters height operation, the original time is 1 minutes and 32 seconds, now just 1 minutes and 24 seconds. Although it only shortens the eight seconds, but spends nearly 150 million yuan. In order to further improve the dragon ladder tourist reception environment, based on the first successful expansion to qualitative, this year the company has the right to use three host elevator, and add the fast passage for the sick and other special groups of human nature. After this upgrade again, it not only reduces running time, but also gets a comprehensive efficiency.

In recent years, With the rapid development of wulingyuan tourism industry, tourism is growing. In order to meet the need of market demand and the development of the scenic area, starting from may, 2013, as an important tourism transportation, the dragon ladder has begun implementing distribution capacity. To July 10, 2015, all three elevators transformation has completed and opened to the public. First successful expansion efficiency dragon ladder after more than a year of operation, it not only effectively alleviates the peak tourism season, but also greatly enhances the visibility of the tour vehicles for the Chinese and foreign tourists.

Translated by Sophia