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Zhangjiajie Core Scenic Spots are Tremendously Popular among Malaysian Tourists

A group of Malaysian tourists are rapturously taking photos in Xibu Street, an emerging core scenic spot in Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie. By report that Malaysia turns into the third biggest overseas tourists market and up to now there are over 6000 Malaysian have paid their visit here since this year.This group with a total number of more than 100 tourists is the biggest one in 2013.

During recent years, Wulingyuan has reinforced the promotion efforts in Southeast Asia overseas market, especially in Malaysia and Thai by organizing bilateral negotiation and communication. More over, Wulingyuan also put image advertisements in Chinese media in South-east Asia to hance and improve Zhangjiajie’s market competitiveness.

The manager of Wulingyuan tourism bureau told that this summer more promotion activities will be held in Southeast Asia to propaganda Zhangjiajie’s beautiful sceneries and the preferable policy that free tickets for tourists below 19 years old worldwide. All those policies all aim at attracting more and more overseas tourists to have a visit in Zhangjiajie.

By Aileen