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Zhangjiajie and Nanking Enhance the Cooperation of Quality Monitoring

Ensure the Protection of Tourists' Benefits

The Travel-Quality-Monitoring Agencies of Zhangjiajie and Nanking Cooperated with One Another to Renovate and Administer the External Liaison Office of Zhangjiajie Travel Agency in Nanking.

On November 15th,2011, the travel-quality-monitoring agencies of both Zhangjiajie and Nanking called on the 23 executives of the external liaison office of Zhangjiajie Travel Agency in Nanking and held a meeting about the quality monitoring of scenic spots and tourists source places, and the improvement of travel agencies' behaviour and manner when receiving tourists.

The meeting also promulgated the following requirements: firstly, the branch offices of Zhangjiajie Travel Agency in Nanking must obey the REGULATIONS ON THE ADMINISTRATION OF TOURIST AGENCIES; all the agencies in Nanking should establish branch offices according to the regulations if they want to work on business there; and all the renovation work ought to be finished before April 1st, 2012. After the renovation, the Nanking Travel and Tourism Administration will recommend the legal branch offices to all the dwellers while lawfully clamp down the illegal, and the agencies that are found cooperating with the illegal agencies will be seriously punished. Further more, the meeting also referred to the consultation about the price of travel, the administering of tour guide, the monitoring of travel quality, etc.

It almost was the first time in China that the executives of both the scenic spots and the tourists' resource places had closely cooperated with each other. The delegates of the Nanking Travel-Quality-Monitoring Agency said that they would take full advantages of this cooperation to improve the management of not only the tourist cities all over the whole country and also the external liaison offices. What's more, the delegates of Zhangjijaie travel-quality-monitoring agency said that it was difficult to administer the external liaison office located in the tourist resource places so that cooperation was strongly necessary. Since Zhangjiajie is one of the most important tourist cities around this country, they earnestly wanted to cooperate with the Nanking travel-quality-monitoring agency and to protect the selling of high-quality products while get rid of the fakes so as to manage the better service and administering.