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Guilin YUZI Paradise, founded by Taiwanese entrepreneur Mr. Rhy-Chang Tsao in 1996, is a large-scale international park of land art projects mainly engaged in cavern art and contemporary sculpture. It is located in the unique and unspoiled natural surroundings of Guilin. With the joined efforts of global eminent artists, it is to be built as a living museum.

To reach this ultimate goal, the construction of the park is to protect nature and create new culture by displaying contemporary art in various languages and styles. With the perfect combination of sheer natural beauty and peerless art glamour, Guilin YUZI Paradise is to be a fairyland for all the people to experience the eternal power of art and culture.

The overall construction of Guilin YUZI Paradise is predicted to be 30 years and divided into 2 phases. The first phase is programmed as a 10-year project based on the existed geographical features. It takes the International Sculpture Park as the main body, surrounded by living & working area, art village, art salon, teaching & demonstrating are, open air theater and spiritual center.

Guilin YUZI Paradise covers a land area over 1 acre with construction items including Smile Plaza, Founder Memorial, Art Canteen, Holiday Center, Creation Center etc.. Besides these art pavilions, this park aims to highlight the most distinguishing feature in Guilin – a place decorated with picturesque scenery,, beautiful mountains and caverns and rocks.

Since 1997, Guilin YUZI Paradise have held 8 International Sculpture Symposia with 114 artists of 25 countries involved and created 114 outdoor monumental sculptures. In October 2002, Guilin YUZI Paradise launched the first International Sculpture Awards. These awards are expected to help the emerging artists, to popularize excellent works of established artists and to promote art and culture exchange on a global scale.

What to See

【Sculpture Scenic Spot】
In this Scenic area shows more than two hundred different styles of sculptures from 114 artists from 25 countries, these works combine the traditional Chinese aesthetics and the essence of western culture which are the arts of highly ornamental value of assets. Watch them, you will know what is the human spirit, what is a human creation.

【The International Art Center】
Yuzi Paradise International Art Center vividly reproduce unique cascade of Guilin in jade green with its crisscross overlap unique appearance. The art center collects global famous treasures, and equipped with audio-visual equipment with professional exhibition hall and conference room.

【Creating Center】
There are ceramic, stone carving, woodcarving, etc all kinds of workshop, supplemented by the creation of lively and interesting presentation by senior artists, and here you can experience what is creation with artists, incisively and vividly show your individual talent.

【Landscape Maze】
The maze built by hedge and short tree has unique modeling, and it is funny to circle around inside; when it develops intelligence, explores the way it also strengthen ecological environmental protection consciousness of the visitors at the same time.

【Grottoes Art】
Grotto art is the most distinctive art plan of Yuzi Paradise, including the art grotto, history grotto, and grotto art gallery, the whole project lasted for 30 years, hoping to leave contemporary unique artistic style and features by presenting grotto art.

How to Get to Yuzi Paradise

1. Taking bus of Yangshuo-Guilin Line in the Yangshuo Bus Station, and get off at Dapu Road and then transfer to motorcycle to there.
2. Taking bus Guilin-Yuzi Paradise Line from Guilin Bus Station, 20 minutes a bus from 6:40 to 18:20.

It is recommended to spend 2 hours to visit inside.