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Yuanmingyuan Park Holds Royal Ice Skating Show

Locals in Beijing are holding traditional gatherings called temple fairs to Spring Festival. A very special temple fair is being held in the Yuan Ming Yuan park this year, re-enacting the ice-skating show that entertained Chinese emperors.

Yuan Ming Yuan park brings the royal tradition of ice skating into the present. Despite freezing temperatures, crowds gathered early in the morning to get a glimpse. The imperial concubine appears as the climax of the event. Prized as a jewel by the emperor, her elegant routine becomes the icing on the cake for the show. The different colored uniforms represented different divisions of the imperial army, known as the eight banners. Some of them even showed off some special moves.

As the formations shift and move, viewers find themselves easily captivated by the experience that takes them back to the Qing Dynasty. The formation was performed by about 60 men, but there’s also feminine touch.

Apart form historical themes, the Yuan Ming Yuan park also has no shortage of standard temple fair goodies.