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Yao Minority Shaiyi Festival is to Launch

The traditional Shaiyi (Drying Clothes) Festival of Yao minority is to be held in Longsheng Jinkeng Hongyao Rice Terraces Scenic Area of Guangxi province every 6th day of the 6th Chinese lunar month, thus on July 24th 2012.

During the festival, Yao minority girls hang their beloved clothes, dresses and exquisite accessories on bamboo poles and window frames. Rows of pink blouses, black skirts, delicate sashes and belts, and hand-embroidered silk scarves are a fantastic ethnic scene. Traditional sports, games, and performances are held, and girls display their long hair to compete for the longest.

The Yao minority Shaiyi Festival has been held for hundreds of years in Hongyao Rice Terraces Scenic Area. Major activities during the Shaiyi Festival include: welcome ceremony, duet mountain songs, commemoration for ancestors, girl’s dragon dance, ethnic custom shows, spinning, weaving, and embroidering, the bonfire party, and at last the reunion dance.