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Yangzhou Travel Guide

Yangzhou Overview

Yangzhou is a very famous historical and cultural city in China. It is located in central Jiangsu province, north of Yangtze River, south of Jianghuai plains; is the node city of Nanjing metropolitan circle and Shanghai economic circle; is the water source area of the east line of China's key project South-to-North water diversion project.

Yangzhou's history can be traced back to 486 B.C.. It is the United Nations human settlements award city, China habitat environment prize city, national environmental protection model city, China harmonious management city, China civilization city and China forest city. Yangzhou is one of the cities which develop foreign trade and international communication earlier in China. As early as in the Tang Dynasty, Yangzhou enjoys the reputation "the richest in the world"; at that time, there were more than 5000 Yangzhou merchants living overseas; Yangzhou became a famous port of maritime Silk Road.

Yangzhou is a famous cultural city gathering talents. In its long development process, with economic prosperity degrees, Yangzhou has accumulated a thick bright Yangzhou culture. Literature and art achievements, academic studies, cultural relic accumulation, craft and so on; all these are Yangzhou people's proud, also an important window for Chinese culture. A large number of politicians, writers, artists were officers or tourists of Yangzhou, leaving a large number of well-known excellent work. The Tang dynasty's Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi, once successively lived in Yangzhou. Yangzhou Eight Eccentric Artists develop a school of its own in China art circle. In the Qing Dynasty, the formation of Yangzhou opera, popular stories, academy, engraving printing, repair records, collect books are flourishing, and become the symbol of Yangzhou culture.

Yangzhou Facts

Area Code: 0514

Zip Code: 225000

Population: The whole Yangzhou City has the permanent population of 4.2 million. The Han Nationality accounts for more than 99% of the population. Minority population is more than 20000, accounting for about 0.6% of the total population in the city.

Geography: Yangzhou, is located in east longitude 119 °01 'to 119 °54', north latitude 32 °15 'to 33 °25', the interchange of the Yangtze River and Grand Canal of China. Its south is on the verge of the Yangtze river, separates the river with Zhenjiang; adjacent to Chuzhou of Anhui Province in the west, connected to Nanjing in the southwest.The northwest Yangzhou area is flat terrain with hills,. The highest point of Yangzhou City is the Big Copper Mountain with elevation 149.5 meters.

Climate: Yangzhou has four distinct seasons, mild climate and superior natural condition. Average annual temperature is about 14.8 ℃. Compared with the same latitude areas, its hot summer and cold winter are more prominent. The coldest month January has average temperature 1.8 ℃, and the hottest month July has average temperature 27.5 ℃.

Yangzhou Transportation

Highway: Yangzhou has the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway, Yangzhou-Liyang Expressway. Yangzhou City has been realized through expressway around the city.

Railway: Ningqi Railway traverses the whole Yangzhou City. Yangzhou has opened up the railway lines to Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou and other cities.

Aviation: Yangzhou Taizhou Airport was opened in May, 2012; several airlines have been opened to some main cities in China, such as Beijing, Shenyang, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xian and other cities.

Yangzhou Tours & Tings to Do