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Yangzhou Announced New Plan for Shuangdong Historical Street District

Yangzhou, a garden city in Jiangsu Province, recently announced its overall planning layout of Shuangdong Historical and Cultural Street District, through which the area will be rearranged in accordance with the national standard of AAAAA grade scenic spot.

According to the new plan, Shuangdong Historical and Cultural Street District will centers on the ancient Dongguan Street, which has been recognized as the symbol of the city. Meanwhile, Districts of “Culture and Creation”, “Leisure and Health”, “Sightseeing and Relaxation” and “Holiday and Resort” will be created in the area.

As Shuangdong Historical Street District has been scheduled to plan, renovate, develop and become the highlights of Yangzhou, it will attracts more and more visitors home and abroad to relax themselves and appreciate the cultural richness in the city.