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The Big Banyan Tree is located on the west bank of Jinbao River approximately 7.5km south of Yangshuo. It is said to have a history of nearly 1,400 years and has survived centuries of wind and rain. The Big Banyan Tree is now 17 meters high, 7.1 meters around the main trunk, and spans an area of 1000 square meters. As a major tourist attraction, the enormous Banyan is famous for its age and towering beauty. 

Big Banyan Tree has survived from wind and rain over centuries since the Sui Dynasty (581-618), one of the main scenic attractions of Yangshuo Guilin. Although its stem is very old and its roots twist, its branches and leaves stretch out so lushly that the sunshine hardly penetrates its shadow. Sitting in its shadow on even the hottest day of the summer, you barely break out in a sweat. It is under this tree that the Liu Sanjie declared her admiration to her lover The A Niu. So this tree is one symbol of love as well, attracting many lovers come here to make wishes. As the old people told, for the couple, who make wishes here will get their dreams come ture, and for the single, who takes a photo with this tree will find his sweetheart soon.

Big Banyan Tree is one of the shooting places of movie Sanjie Liu—where Sanjie Liu threw embroidered ball. Of every Chinese and foreign tourists going to Yangshuo will go to visit Big Banyan Tree.

Yangshuo Big Banyan Tree (millennium banyan tree) is located in Li River scenic area where the best place to see rural scenery is. 7.5 km south of the Chuanyan village Gaotian country Yangshuo, one ancient banyan tree crown is circular, looking out is a huge green umbrella, looking closely it is intertwined and leafy. The tree was planted by Jin dynasty, more than 1500 years old.


When Sanjie Liu threw an embroidered ball to A Niu, and pledged to marry without the permission of parents with A Niu was under this banyan tree. At first, Sanjie Liu was affectionate with A Niu but A Niu didn’t feel as the same. Sanjie Liu conveyed her feeling by dedicating folk songs, but A Niu still couldn’t understand, so Sanjie Liu asked A Niu to the banyan tree and threw an embroidered ball to A Niu. A Niu dared not go to pick up the ball, and then Sanjie Liu sent banyan tree told A Niu, so A Niu just picked up the ball and made an engagement with Sanjie Liu for lifetime.

Travel Guide of Yangshuo Banyan Tree

【Recommended Visiting Time】 1 hour
【How to get to Yanghsuo Banyan Tree】 Yangshuo Banyan Tree Scenic Area is 6 km from Yangshuo County and 70 km from Guilin City. There are buses from Yangshuo to Gaotian or electro mobiles directly to Yangshuo Banyan Tree Scenic Area, 10 minutes a bus.