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Xinjiang Kanas Becomes Tourism Attraction

Kanas, a nature reserve and geological park, is part of the Altay Mountains in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. This highland region boasts a diversity of plants and protected animals living in areas ranging from glaciers and snowfields to rivers and grassland. It is also dotted by pockets of civilization represented by yurts or villages inhabited by various ethnic groups. Thus Kanas becomes a new tourist destination.

If you like horseback riding and photography, this is the place to go to. Local Kazak horses are known for their pleasant personalities and gentle dispositions. If you look up, you will see more familiar creatures, such as majestic condors soaring above to the mountains. Even an aimless amble through the alpine meadows full of wildflowers is to experience a freedom seldom known by city folks. When you get hungry from all that activity, there is always a mug of savory milk tea waiting, or a bubbling cauldron of mutton soup. Autumn is one of the best times to go, while in winter, the land will be covered by a pristine blanket of snow.