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Xiangxi Starting “Building Harmonious and Beautiful Fenghuang Together”

On June 3, Fenghuang county unveiled its open ceremony of the joint construction and management of urban and rural activity at the theme of “Building harmonious and beautiful Fenghuang together”. Under the guidance of the cadre, the masses started an impressive sanitation activity.

In Fenghuang County, more than 2000 cadre and 1000 common people under separate hygiene turnout area did cleaning to answer the call of this activity. About 30 vehicles was dispatched and over 300 cube rubbish of all kinds clean up. According to introduction of the chargers, this activity will aim at improving unban and rural living environment, developing healthy and civilized lifestyle and raising the awareness that everyone is responsible for protecting environment. In addition, it mobilized people to respond to the call of joint construction and management of urban and rural activity, beautifying, afforesting and brightening Fenghuang. As a result, it helped to enhance the cultural tourism image and build an international tourist attraction, laying a solid foundation to apply for the world cultural heritage and a national healthy county.

By Emma