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Located in the west side in Huairou County, Beijing, Xiangshuihu Ancient Great Wall has a unique geographical location and beautiful natural landscape.

As a part of Huairou Xiangshuihu Scenic, the Xiangshuihu Great Wall is undoubtedly the most significant attraction for the tourists. The Great Wall is located by a dam, but the dam has been dried up for a long time. Now in the bottom of the dam grows lush dense woods. Against the green landscape, the Great Wall becomes particularly beautiful. Most of the tourists who travel there are fascinated by the spectacular scenery.

Viewing the flowers in spring is the most beautiful thing to do in Xiangshuihu Great Wall. In summer, the temperate difference between day and night is above 12℃. The water and air is quite fresh here. When it comes to the autumn, the mountains are reddened by the red leaves. And the trees nearby are fruiting well. In Xiangshuihu Ancient Great Wall, you can also enjoy the mountains cladding in silvery white in winter. And watching the snows landscape on Xiangshuihu Great Wall would be a fantastic experience for you. 

Legend of Xiangshuihu Great Wall

Moshikou Barrie on the Xiangshuihu Great Wall is a pivotal project in Ming Dynasty. There was a barbican entrance in the barrier and has dual switches. Moshikou Barrie, as an important border fortress nearby “Beijing Junction”, was built in 1404 and honors a more than 590 years’ history from now. Lianyuan Cave and Tuteng Pavilion situated in the half-way of Xiangshuihu Great Wall also add some mysterious atmosphere to this place. The characters “ Lian Yun Cave” engraved in front of the hillside are of supernatural workmanship. There is a gold dragon in the cave. It is said this dragon protected Xiangshui Lake and the local people. So the villagers there molded a statue for the dragon to show their worship.

About Xiangshuihu Scenic Area

This section is named Xiangshuihu Great Wall because it is located inside Xiangshuihu Scenic Area. Xiangshuihu is situated in the west of Mutianyu, 28 km away from Huiarou County, Beijing. It honors a beautiful scenic spot that enjoys exceptional advantages, for it integrates the Great Wall, ancient cave, mountains, spring and waterfall as a whole.

Xiangshuihu got its name because at the source of the spring, the water gush constantly and the water sounds like thunder. You can hear the sound of running water thousand meters away. As the largest spring in Huairou Couty, Beijing, Xiangshuihu Lake is not only the source of drinking water for local people, but also the source of the Huairou reservoir. There is 0.3 cubic meters water per second pouring out from the spring and 25973 tons per day. The water is sweet and refreshing.

Xiangshuihu Scenic Area is surrounded by a valley which was used to built barriers and fortresses in Ming Dynasty. The valley is franked by ridges and peaks and the ancient Great Wall. The inscriptions on precipices in Ming dynasty add a sense of majesty to this place. The natural Lianyun Cave and Tuteng pavilion are extremely skillful and fascinating. All in all, the spring, the caves, the Great Wall and the peaks make Xiangshuihu Scenic Area an perfect place to worth a trip.