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Wulingyuan Xibu street signed cooperation agreement with Travel agency

Over 500 Million Yuan of the Tourist Commodities' Sales Will be Managed by One Single Scenic Spot at  Zhangjiajie

The agency of the Xibu street, one scenic spot in Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie, signed an strategic cooperation agreement, on November 30th, with other nine travel agencies such as the Zhangjiajie Yuntong-kanghui International Travel Agency, the Zhangjiajie branch office of  Hunan CTS, the Zhangjiajie Qinheli Incorporated Travel Company, etc. These 10 agencies will cooperate with each other to provide the tourists with the integrated service facilities, and to improve the income from the entertainment, shopping, etc. at the Wu Lingyuan Scenic Spot.

The government of Zhang Jiajie invested 400 million yuan to the Wu Linyuan scenic spot and covered a 70-thousand-square-meter piece of land to build this tourist street with stream surrounded which is featured with entertainment, shopping, local snacks and hotels, etc. and which is for leisure and holiday in order to manage the target of being one of the international tourist attractions, to present as the symbol of the best products of Wu Linyuan scenic spot, and to improve the quality of the service and tourism products there for the satisfaction of the tourists and also the local dwellers.  Mr. Chen Kezu, the vice chairman of the branch of the Zhang Jiajie travel agency association, made it pretty clear in the signing ceremony that all the nine travel agencies that had signed the agreement with the agency of the Xi Bu street had received, till now, a great number of tourists which actually makes up more than 70 percent of the whole of the Zhang Jiajie travel region and there, totally, had been 3.10 million tourists who had visited the main scenic spots of Wu Linyuan to the end of this October so that the 70 percent tourists brought 500 million yuan or so to Wu Linyuan scenic spot if the consumption level of average per capita be counted as 200 to 300 yuan and they therefore had promoted the local travel consumption.

Translated By Vincent Chou