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Traditional Chinese Medicine tourism starts in Hainan

Hainan government plans to establish a Chinese health care center and promote a number of Traditional Chinese Medicine brands to make Hainan a new international destination for medical tourism.

Hainan has now launched the TCM travel tour and has welcomed tourists from Russia, Sweden, UK, USA, Italy and Kazakhstan. Tourists generally come to Hainan in winter or spring, and spend two weeks receiving acupuncture and Ai smoke therapy, and also enjoying the beach in the sunshine.

Jia Xiaofang, spokesperson for the China International Medical Tourism Association said that China has a lot of advantages in terms of developing medical tourism, including a high level of technology, lower prices, and Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Some travel agencies prepare medical travel packages structured according to the health needs of individual clients and provide air tickets, visa, hotel and translation services. By March, more than 30,000 foreign tourists had received TCM services in Hainan, each spending an average of about $20,000 on their medical services.