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Tianjin-Wuhan-Shantou Daily Flight Launched

Daily flight Tianjin-Wuhan-Shantou is launched by Tianjin Airlines. Flight GS7451 from Tianjin takes off at 8:30, arrives in Wuhan at 10:15, and then arrives in Shantou at 12:55; backward flight GS7452 from Shantou takes off at 13:35, arrives in Wuhan at 15:15, and then arrives in Tianjin at 17:55.

Moreover, Tianjin-Xi’an-Guiyang air service is upgraded. Flight GS7465 from Tianjin takes off at 8:05, arrives in Xi’an at 9:50, then arrives in Guiyang at 12:30; backward flight Guiyang-Xi’an-Tianjin GS7466 takes off at 13:30, arrives in Xi’an at 15:10, and then arrives in Tianjin at 17:55.

Tianjin lies in north China, is one of the municipality directly under the central government. Wuhan is the provincial capital of central China’s Hubei province. While Shantou in south China’s Guangdong province, is an important transportation hub and economic center.