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The world's first-Iceman-was born in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain

January 3, 2011 afternoon, A new world record in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain born. 56-year-old from China, Jin Songhao, in the freezer full of ice adhered to 120 minutes, becoming the world's first "Iceman" His teammate Chen Kecai insisted 118 minutes, the two both broke the Dutch Hough, created in 2000 in Hong Kong, 115 minutes of record. They also get "Tianmen Mountain legendary hero " in the title.
Low temperature of minus 10 degrees Celsius, Welcomed two challenges,Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain clouds and dreams of the Peak 

Chen Kecai insisted 118 minutes,broke the Dutch Hough record of 115 minutes

Jin Songhao insisted 120 minutes, become the world's first "Iceman! " ↑