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The Statue of Fishing Girl of Zhuhai stands on the stone stairs in the Xianglu Bay, Zhuhai City, China. It is the landmark of Zhuhai City. The Statue of Fishing Girl is about 8.7 meters high and is made of about 70 pieces of granites.

The Statue of Fishing Girl in the bay shows the fisher girl holding this bright pearl up into the air with both hands, admiring its luminosity which symbolizes the simple beauty of Zhuhai. Over the fishing girl's shoulder and across muddy waters, sits the glistening lights & iconic skyline of the island of Macau. Visitors to Zhuhai can take a ferry-ride out across the bay and around Macau.


In 1982, a professor callled Panhe from Guangzhou Art Collage erected the statue on a rock in the Xianglu Bay. This statue came from a beautiful legend. It is said that the Dragon girl was so fascinated by Zhuhai's scenery that she secretly descended upon the mortal world and disguised as a fisher girl. She fell in love with a young local fisherman whose name was Haipeng. Due to the gossips of the others, Haipeng required her to take off her bracelet which if removed would cause the girl’s death. To show her love for Haipeng, she took it off and died in Haipeng’s arms immediately. The young man felt so regret and sorrow about his lover’s death. Touched by the deep love of the young couple, the Jiuzhou elder man helped the fisherman find a special herb called "Reviving Grass" which only grew with the use of man's blood. Without hesitation, Haipeng used his own blood to raise the herd. The Dragon girl came back to life and became a true fisher girl. On their wedding day, she found a huge pearl and sent it to the respect elder man.

How to Get There:

Take Bus Route 9 or 99 to get there.