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The Second Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition to Open in March

The Second Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition will open in next March in Wuzhen, a water town in East China's Zhejiang Province. The art exhibition is expected to help broaden people's minds about the new trends in contemporary art and also provide a platform for talented young Chinese to communicate with celebrated international artists.

As the leader of the team, Feng Boyi, says that next year's show will feature the work of 45 artists from 21 countries, all of whom are active in the international contemporary art world. The list includes British visual artist Julian Opie, Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima and Argentine artist Amalia Ulman, who is known for her internet art. More than a dozen artists will make special pieces for the Wuzhen exhibition.

The first Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition opened in 2016, which proved to be a success, both for locals and for art circles. At that time, works from 40 celebrated artists worldwide were displayed in Wuzhen. Wuzhen Water Town is a typical ancient town in southern China. With the history of more than 6000 years, Wuzhen preserves the ancient appearance well and has been a fertile land with abundant rice, fish and silk.