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The First Mt.Emei and Leshan Rhododendron Festival Opened

With the coming of spring, the first Mt.Emei and Leshan Rhododendron Festival opened on May 1st. Spring is a wonderful season to visit Mt.Emei and Leshan when the hillsides flame with rhododendrons and the road is fringed with flowering azaleas.

Located in Sichuan Province, Southwestern China, both Mt.Emei and the Leshan Giant Buddha are places of historical importance. Mt. Emei is one of the Four Sacred Buddhism Mountains in China, and Leshan owns the tallest stone Buddha statue in the world.

Besides amazing historical heritages, Mt.Emei and Leshan are also known as botanical kingdom. Some 3,200 plant species in 242 families have been recorded, among which 31 kinds are under national protection, representing approximately one third of the total number of plants in the Sichuan province and one tenth of those found in China. Alpine azalea is one of the most valuable plants on Mt.Emei, and you may enjoy its unique beauty during the Rhododendron Festival.