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The First Hunan(Yuanling) MT & Water Sports Festival Successfully Held

On July 27th, under the joint efforts from many relevant sectors, the first Hunan(Yuanling) Mountain & Water Sports festival is opened in the beautiful Youshui bank–Hunan Yuanling. Combined with various items of outdoors sports, such as cliff hiking, river trekking, mountain-climbing, drift and cycling, the leisure and tourism festival attracts thousand of outdoors amateurs to experience Yuanling’s tourism resources and appreciate the local folk customs.

Themed with “Laughing at Hei mu cliff, boating race in Youshui river”, and by holding semi-professional and embodying-all outdoors sports, the activity is aimed to promote Yuanling’s unique landscape resources, built up excellent outdoors routes for tourism in Yuanling and boost great-leap-forward development on Yuanling’s ecological and cultural tourism.

The main parts of this event fall into competitive events and experience activities, including six them activities. The competitive events embody: canoeing drift in the cleanest waters–Youshui river for experiencing swimming in the paint; dragon boat race, tasting the traditional dragon boat contest; climbing Er You mount, scaling 999 steps of the cultural holy mount. The experience activities include exploring secrets in Suxi; hiking for enjoying gully scenery of the national natura reserve zone–Jie mu xi; mountain bike cycling; cliff through.

Liu zhi liang, county party secretary of Yuanling indicates that the combination of sports,leisure and tourism is very suitable to let the citizens and tourists take part in. Its successful organization initiates the form of sports, leisure and tourism in Hunan, at the same time, it recommends Yuanling and makes it receive large attention by the form of outdoors sports, which plays a vital role in building up a differential tourism product and brand of “Enjoy mountains in Zhangjiajie, play with water in Yuanling”.

Translated by Crystal