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The activity "Moved by Changsha · Blessing Changsha" was held

Changsha Mayor Zhang Jianfei attends the opening ceremony of the activity "Moved by Changsha · Blessing Changsha" and shakes hands with foreigners.

The activity "Moved by Changsha · Blessing Changsha" was held on November 11. Over 100 foreigners in Changsha toured around the city. Changsha Mayor Zhang Jianfei attended the opening ceremony.

Zhang hoped that foreigners' visit to key construction projects will enable them to have a better understanding of Changsha, and better adapt themselves to this beautiful city that is full of vigor, picturesque scenery, profound historic and cultural essence, and modern flavor. He also invited foreigners to offer suggestions for the city's development.

The 11 key visited projects have exerted great influence on Changsha's development, including key water control project of the Xiangjiang River, Yanghu Wetland Park, Planning Exhibition Hall of West Changsha Pioneering District, Guangming Village, and Orange Isle. Some projects have been finished, while some are under construction.