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The 3rd Jinggangshan International Azalea Festival Opened

The 3rd Jinggangshan International Azalea Festival (2012) opened on 15th April in Jiangxi Province. With the theme of "Beautiful Azalea, Healthy Lifestyle", the festival lasts until June.

Centered on azalea, this festival put the focus on the unique culture of Jinggangshan and the charm of green ecological lifestyle. Various activities included the opening ceremony of Jinggangshan International Azalea Festival, exhibition of azaleas and bonsais, the founding ceremony of state-level azalea Exposition Park, as well as calligraphy display and photograph exhibition and so on.

During the festival, azalea bonsais will be showed in public for appreciation.

Starting from 2010, the Jinggangshan International Azalea Festival has been held two times and achieved positive tourism benefits. The festival helps raise the city's image and creates new resources after paying attention to tourist trade, cultural exchanges and tourist brands.