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Thailand MD airlines and travel business in zhangjiajie

Should be of the people's government of zhangjiajie invitation,June 28, to July 2, Thailand MD airlines and 40 travelers,about 50 people come to the zhangjiajie. During a tour zhangjiajie tianzishan, Helong park, Yuanjiajie, Golden whip stream,Baofeng lake, Tianmen Mountain,Huanglong cave, Junsheng artist, and watched the performance of Tianmen Fox Fairy.

According to General manager Mr. LiuKui of Zhangjiajie-XZL-International Travel Service Co., Ltd, since 2010, Thailand market to zhangjiajie tourism guest increases gradually, Only Four and May this year, this company received, Thailand tourists reached 4000, Thailand Tourist charter flights four planes per time, So will be a very good the beautiful scenery of zhangjiajie pushed to Thailand and south east Asia market, they also have the confidence to further expand influence in Thailand market.