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Tengtou Village, located between Fenghua and Xikou, 27 kilometers away from Ningbo City, is famous as an eco-tourism attraction. It features in the virescence projects of eco-agriculture, stereoscopic agriculture along with blue sky and fresh water.

This village has become a unique eco-tourism spot and is well known all over the world. It is well installed with 500 accommodation capacity as well as 1,000 seating capacity for dinner. A lot of different kinds of meeting rooms cater to the various requirements of tourists.

Tengtou Village is listed NO.6 in China's Top Influential Villages. Also, it was listed by the United Nations among the "Global Ecological Habitats 500". Locals are engaged in tourism and agricultural production. They plant trees to improve the agro-ecological environment. The woods and orchards are echoing with the chirping of birds.

Things to Do and See

Tengtou Village well combines the inter-communication of human and culture. Also, it adheres to the layout-planning principles of the villages along with ancient gardens. The humanistic scenery in harmony together with the natural one plays a concert which shows the idyllic life.

Some interesting areas include Thousand Fishes Park, Miniascape Garden, Fountain Square, Pigeon Square, the Breeding Base,the General Woods, the Ornamental Orange Orchard, etc...Here, you can enjoy the fun of picking flowers and share the happiness of good harvest. In addition, some other rural activities can be done, like grinding grains, forking fish as well as making rice cakes; all these will make you indulge in experiencing the primitive country life.

Travel Guide

【Chinese name】: 滕头村
【Best time to visit】: March to October is the best time to visit here, when the weather is cool and comfortable.
【How to get to Tengtou Village using public transportation】: You may take a bus at Ningbo South Bus Station, which will pass by Tengtou Village. You need to tell the driver that you want to get off at Tengtou Village, then he will stop there when the bus arrive.