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Students from Montargis, France tour in Hunan

Forty students of Montargis Forest High School of France had a study tour in Beijing, Hunan, Hangzhou, and Shanghai from April 5 to April 22. This tour was themed “environmental pollution and scientific treatment”.

During their stay in Hunan, they visited Zhangjiajie, Jishou, Shuangfeng, and Changsha, where they learned about the influence of culture of French on the province, and the friendly relationship between Hunan and Montargis.

When visiting Shuangfeng County, Loudi, the Montargis guests were arranged to study and live together with students of Wenzheng Middle School. They had Chinese classes, enjoyed sports like tug-of-war and rope skipping, and learnt Chinese calligraphy. They made friends with local students. When interviewed about how they felt about the experience here, they said they really appreciated the local students who have been working so hard on their study even though they didn’t have a most comfortable living environment.

On the last evening of their stay, Wending Middle School student representatives presented Montargis students with their own school uniforms. The Montargis students regarded these valuable gifts as “the hearts of Chinese people on their palms”.

When visiting in Changsha a former site of a revolutionary body (founded in 1918), Xinmin Institute, the Montargis students excitedly found many photos which were also seen at the French-Chinese museum at Montargis.

“This tour gives the students a new perspective of China and will facilitate better mutual understanding”, said Wang Peiwen, leader of this study tour and director of the French-Chinese museum at Montargis.

Students from Montargis Forest High School, France visit Former Residence of Cai Hesen in Shuangfeng County.

Montargis and Hunan students have fun together.

A Montargis student makes friend with a Hunan student.

A French student learns Chinese calligraphy.