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Starting Direct Flight Between Zhangjiajie and Seoul

Spending less time on the way, and more time at zhangjiajie

At 12: 01: 29 on November 17th,2011, Flight Number HL7762 with the type of A320 OZ3212 managed its two-and -a-half-hour maiden voyage with 139 tourists from the Renchuan Airport of South Korea to Lotus Airport of Zhangjiajie, which presented the formal,wider opening of foreign airlines at zhangjiajie, and Spending less time on the way, and more time at zhangjiajie.

In recent years, Zhangjiajie had more and more foreign tourists,so that The Hunan Provincial Party Committee, The Provincial Government, The Zhangjiajie Municipal Party Committee, The Municipal Government, and some other relevant departments tried hard to achieve the full opening of international flights.so as to build Zhangjiajie an international tourism city. Finally,In November 2010, China's State Council approved Zhangjiajie Lotus Airport of opening to foreign airlines.

According to the personage inside course of study, Most foreign tourists had to go to Changsha by air first, and then take an express bus or a train to go to Zhangjiajie, the destination, in the past, which totally cost 8 hours more than the present direct way, and definitely wasted their time. Fortunately, this newly-opened airline has been contributing to the smooth flow of traffic and the extending of foreign tourism market.

Translated By Zhouting
Source: Zhangjiajie Official Web