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Spring Festival Gala 2013: Big Night Rehearsal

With the largest audience in the world, China Central Television's Spring Festival Gala, the hotly anticipated variety show held on the eve of the Chinese lunar new year, is now in its rehearsal & countdown phase.

Coordinating with audio workers is one of the major tasks during rehearsals. Yang Kun and Zhang Liangying's duet has been highly anticipated, since it was announced to the public last month. Yang Kun and Zhang Liangying both stand at the frontline of China’s pop scene. Yang Kun is known for his harsh, yet sentimental singing, while Zhang Liangying is loved for her soaring voice. An unlikely, but intriguing partnership.

Programs that will feature in the gala are also preshowing at schools and companies, to test how they would go down with the audience.

CCTV’s 2013 spring festival gala will be aired live on Chinese New Year’s eve which falls on Feb 9th. The annual event has notched up several world records, such as the largest audience for an annual variety show and most performing artists.

The CCTV Spring Festival Gala is a dream stage for aspiring entertainers. What surprise they’ll bring us on the big night, we have to wait and see.