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South Lake Park (Chinese name: 南湖公园) is a pearl of
Nanning located in the southeast part. The smooth water in this lake which is surrounded by the green hills makes visitors relaxed. South Lake Park is one with half of area water and the other half garden. The National Dragon Boat Festival was held in the lake.

Lake Park is located in Nanning city, in this park, three-fourths of the total area is the lake area. The lake is clear, green grass and trees dependency on the shore. Paddling in the lake and fishing along the lake is invigorating. South Lake Park often hosts all kinds of flower show in a quite large scale and in a long time.

  In the South Lake Park, you can fully appreciate the views of various plants, such as Pinang, Chinese fan palms, and other tropical trees. There is a garden with hundreds of precious flowers and bamboo, in which three inner gardens are very attractive places.  

Above the lake, there is a nine-arch bridge, a scenic bridge, and a long bank where you can get a view of the lake. Fish eateries will also provide you delicious local food. Either boating on the lake or fishing at the shore can offer you an escape from the pressures of city life indeed.

What to See

In South Lake Park there are characteristic palm trees, sabal, betel nut and other tropical forest. And there are three "Garden with garden", which has more than 200 kinds of rare Chinese herbal medicine, in this Chinese herb garden planted orchid like gladiolus, Chinese cymbidium and Renanthera coccinea and a miniascape garden.   And there is a gallery Baise Uprising Exhibition Hall worth visiting which built in 1984.It was built to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the Baise, Longzhou uprising. There are martyr statues of Limingrui and Weibaqun and historical relics exhibition hall. Martyrs memorial stele base have inscription written by comrade Deng Xiaoping.

The Best Time to Go 

South Lake Park is located in Guangxi Nanning, belongs to humid subtropical monsoon climate, ample sunshine, abundant rainfall, less frost without snow, mild climate, long summer and short winter, annual average temperature of 21.6 degrees or so,
it is suitable to go in the four seasons.


South Lake Park, formerly known as the South Lake Nursery and South Lake Fish Farms, in the mid 1960s these two parks combined into South Lake Scenic Spot, in July 1973 named as the South Lake Park. Free of charge since October 1, 2002.

How to Get There

【Transport】: Taking Bus No.3, 6, 8, 14, 32, 215, 33, 60 and 80 can get there.